thank you again Frances....just love taking photos when i get the chance and i hope its the same for all on here.

Zanda, 02:24, 08-Jan-2014

Yeah Zanda, he was part of a group of us who were playing in a 10 day International chess competition in Spain. Perhaps he was thinking about the Benoni, the Sicilian, or some other chess opening :-)

boardplayer, 09:38, 06-Jan-2014

Hi Zanda, I love your profile page, it's an art work in itself. Well done in the time you have been submitting photos, the podium places you have received have been well deserved.

FrancesP, 02:18, 06-Jan-2014

good capture

Zanda, 01:42, 06-Jan-2014

lovelycapture!...lovely colours, also like the soft background

Zanda, 01:33, 06-Jan-2014

nice capture!..he looks deep in thought

Zanda, 01:30, 06-Jan-2014

great capture!

Zanda, 01:27, 06-Jan-2014

liked this..a different aspect and great colours also

Zanda, 01:18, 06-Jan-2014

thank yoy frances

Zanda, 01:14, 06-Jan-2014

thank you frances.

Zanda, 01:13, 06-Jan-2014