The Most Popular Art Of Andy Warhol

If you are a big fan of Andy Warhol arts for his extraordinary craftsmanship, now you can buy an Andy Warhol art for sale online.He is a notable artist of all time that a lot of people admire him for his great artworks. Hiswell-defined works have been expanding prominence in his years until this present.

The distinctiveness of Andy Warhol arts

Andy Warhol'sversion of pop arts is truly unique etchings that can run into several dollars or more. Luckily, everyone can buy his artworks from the displays online for only a couple of dollars. Some of his progressive and well-knownworks was the “Shot Marilyns.”

Shot Marilynsare Andy Warhol’s work of art produced in 1964 by Andy Warhol. It has four canvases which each shot from side to side the forehead using a single bullet. He actually painted 5 pieces of differentMarilynsarts with diverse colored backgrounds plus they were stowed at his renownedThe Factory, his studio loft. If you want to know more about andy warhol art for, you can find its details on

This art has clearly diverting publication that relates agreeable results from the public that ought to be expressed asWarhol’s illustrationsthat’sworth the laud. Thus, Andy Warhol art for sale welcomes the splendidly highlightedframeworks. Shot Marilynsof Warhol is imaginably the most well-known mechanism he ever produced. These paintings and screen prints became an iconic portion of his legacy in the industry.

Buy Shot MarilynsAndy Warhol art for sale online.

There are trusted sites to search for Andy Warhol's artworks for sale available to be purchased. You can get sensibly estimated prices that can be bought affordably. Warholmade this picture as a component of his screen printing as he was captivated with melancholic concepts wherein you get a similar imageof a very beautiful woman in the world with a different touch each time.

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popart, 11:11, 14-Mar-2020

quality photographs

I think the quality of photos could be better I sometimes look at a photo and say to myself whats that or is it me being to critical, now as some may know or not know i post on flickr i love to see high quality pictures on there and i would love to see the same on this site, and for the time being i will stick with it.

Thomas, 19:48, 02-Sep-2013

Human Behaviour (Charles Bukowski)

"... reputational concerns, on human cooperative behaviour."

AllanP, 11:03, 02-Sep-2013


I'd prefer not to have scoring public, thought this was a fun thing to do and it's nice for helpful comments. I know nothing about 'photography'. Am in this for fun and all I do is take a picture and submit it if I like it. I score on the basis of what I like and would feel some pressure if there is a technically great picture and don't recognise this in my scoring.

Terra, 20:09, 03-Aug-2013

public display of affection (or not)

i though i had posted a note about my thoughts on the public scoring system, but does not seem to have appeared, i tried to post from my tablet so that may have been the issue. i have reservations on the public scoring, i think it will lead to some people scoring based on how others perceive their score, rather than what they genuinely think! its fairly common knowledge that the act of observation changes behavior. perhaps a fair compromise would be to rank the pictures, rather than mark them out of 10, eg if there are 8 pictures in that competition then you would rank the pictures in order of preference 1 to 8, add the scores and the lowest score comes out on top and so on down the line. this may be getting a little ott for the programming side. this is supposed to be a bit of fun and i think the public scoring takes away a little from that.

pokerplayer, 10:46, 03-Aug-2013

Man 1

I have left a comment re Man1s photos, I would like to ask if anything, and what should be done re this months comp?

Edit by Gary: I think these photos were probably taken in July. There would most likely be snow in both pictures and the grass wouldn't be so green if they were taken in January. If a camera is not used for a long time and the battery runs out, when you recharge the battery and switch on the camera again you will need to reset the date and time to the correct values. Or, maybe, the date and time has never been properly configured on the camera. I think this is what happened on this occasion. I'll speak to Man1.

FrancesP, 08:25, 03-Aug-2013

black marks?

i mighta missed this somewhere along the way; i can work out the marking for gold silver and bronze on the competitors page but what is the black marking for?

Edit by Gary: they are the number of times you have finished a competition in last place.

pokerplayer, 12:50, 01-Jun-2013

Enjoying this months challenge.

Oh my goodness, dilemma or what? Enjoying or what? = me and this months challenge, love it. So much out there, so little time to capture.

FrancesP, 08:42, 16-May-2013

Challenge Competition proposal.

Pokerplayer has very cleverly linked both competitions with his 'good' and 'bad' view of Leith. My suggestion for a future Challenge is that we could take two photographs for this competition (not linking both competitions); one showing perhaps the opulence of a building or icon of what is supposed to represent 'success' and the other of what can be found around it. However, the idea needs to be fleshed out. What do you think?

However, I don't think the website can accommodate my suggestion and; so, it may be a non-starter.

AllanP, 23:09, 02-May-2013


You can add some mark-up to comments using the Markdown format.

To add links to your comments, you can either surround the link with angle brackets. This input


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Gary, 17:39, 07-Apr-2013