Profound Introspection

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Very intriguing, how long was the exposure?

Benoni, 14:45, 02-Mar-2013

In answer to Benoni's question. The exposure was 15 seconds. The subject stayed in the frame for around 7 or 8 seconds while I painted him with differing amounts of light. I then turned the light off to allow him to move out of the scene. The remaining time was used to paint the background solid.

AllanP, 19:44, 04-Mar-2013

Hoi Parky, this guy haunts me when he's alive, don't want to think of him haunting me when he's dead.

FrancesP, 20:39, 04-Mar-2013

Thought it was Johnnyboy in the frame! Well executed Allan!

boardplayer, 21:26, 04-Mar-2013
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal Length 24mm
Shutter Speed 15.0s
Aperture f/4.6
ISO 100
Taken 28th February 2013