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Well executed Boardplayer - congratulations on your "First".

Benoni, 14:37, 02-Mar-2013

Congratulations !. I love the colours in this one.Beautiful picture.

GraemeB, 15:50, 02-Mar-2013

Tranquil, great light.

FrancesP, 20:42, 04-Mar-2013

Beautiful image, where is it?

AllanP, 20:48, 04-Mar-2013

This was taken on the hill above Troon, just above Highgrove House. I was up there for almost an hour, quite a sociable wee hill, quite a few cars with people out for the sunset! Had a good chat with a young guy and his elderly grandparents who wanted to see the 'sleeping soldier' of Arran!

boardplayer, 21:11, 04-Mar-2013

Great to hear the story behind the image. More stories like this please.

The Sleeping Soldier of Arran

AllanP, 08:07, 05-Mar-2013
Camera E-500
Focal Length 84mm
Shutter Speed 1/1000s
Aperture f/3.6
ISO 400
Taken 19th February 2013