He who lights up the world

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Liked this one also, seems like a very posh underpass.

Benoni, 14:47, 02-Mar-2013

Cumbernauld has many underpasses, but this one is in a league of its own. Much better than the expensive failure that was the Neon Waves.

More pictures of the underpass on the designer's website.

Gary, 15:22, 02-Mar-2013

This is my favourite of the Challenge photos. I like the winding light trail leading us to the protagonist standing beneath the stars. It is as if he cannot allow himself to step into the orange light of the streetlight from the other world that is seeping into the mouth of the underpass. If there were underpasses like this when I was young, we would have called it The Magic Tunnel. And thumbs up for Cumbernauld on this occasion.

AllanP, 20:29, 04-Mar-2013

Lovely shot, captured very well. Well done .

FrancesP, 20:33, 04-Mar-2013

Can you see the darkness at the end of the tunnel?

boardplayer, 21:25, 04-Mar-2013

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AllanP, 07:58, 05-Mar-2013
Camera E-450
Focal Length 14mm
Shutter Speed 4.0s
Aperture f/3.6
ISO 100
Taken 28th February 2013