The beautiful delicacy of nature in decay

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Excellent image, tell me how?

boardplayer, 21:57, 04-Apr-2013

Maybe I can work it out? Or maybe no!!!!

boardplayer, 22:04, 04-Apr-2013

Part of the credit has to go to Fran for finding the beautiful delicate leaves. I placed fairy lights behind the leaf and used a shallow depth of field to throw the thin narrow lights out of focus into large circles (some examples I experimented with last year) . The camera was set on Live View (image on viewing screen) allowing me to zoom in to concentrate on the detail.

AllanP, 20:49, 05-Apr-2013
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal Length 100mm
Shutter Speed 1/15s
Aperture f/3.0
ISO 200
Taken 24th March 2013