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I actually liked elements of this!

AllanP, 05:22, 03-May-2013

Well, somebody has to be last!! Perhaps a title something like 'Simplicity of Line' may have got more smpathy/empathy?

boardplayer, 11:29, 04-May-2013

Taken on a half inebriated walk home with my iPhone after getting trashed at chess :-)

boardplayer, 11:30, 04-May-2013

'Get used to it'

FrancesP, 15:18, 04-May-2013

Its not about coming first, its about competing!!!

FrancesP, 15:57, 04-May-2013

You're right, it is all about competing! By it's very nature competing is about bettering the other competitors, and finishing as highly ranked as possible. If that is not what a competition is about, then perhaps it should be called something else - maybe 'photographic appreciation'??

boardplayer, 17:11, 04-May-2013

Did you like Bernie's picture?

FrancesP, 18:25, 04-May-2013

I think you are taking this all a bit too seriously!! We are having a bit of fun. Have you actually looked at Bernie's picture yet?

FrancesP, 18:40, 04-May-2013

If I'm competing, I always take it seriously. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy myself!! I wasn't aware that bernie had entered a photo?

boardplayer, 19:01, 04-May-2013

Bernie hasn't entered a photo my comment 'Get used to it' is a link.

FrancesP, 19:13, 04-May-2013

So, if Bernie hasn't entered a photo, I'm puzzled that you'd ask me if I'd seen his photo?????? Am I missing something? So is there a link between 'get used to it' and Bernie?

boardplayer, 19:49, 04-May-2013

Look back 8 comments, and click on 'Get used to it' it is a link!!!!

FrancesP, 19:59, 04-May-2013
Camera iPhone 4
Focal Length 3mm
Shutter Speed 1/40s
Aperture f/3.0
ISO 100
Taken 28th April 2013