Above and Below the Forth

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If only you knew what I had to go through to take such a mediocre photograph. First, I had to cycle 68 miles. I only had the camera on my phone to take pictures. I got a puncture in the middle of nowhere on the Fife coast (late on a Sunday afternoon). When fixing the puncture, I found out my pump was broken. (The second group of cyclists to pass had a pump that matched the valve on my tyre.) And, finally, near Bellsdyke Road, a wasp flew into my cycle helmet and stung me on the side of the head.

All for last place!

Gary, 12:30, 02-Sep-2013

do you want any lucky white heather

Thomas, 17:31, 02-Sep-2013

Get used to it

FrancesP, 18:28, 02-Sep-2013

Poor you! Good idea, however........

boardplayer, 20:34, 02-Sep-2013

If I had been able to score in the challenge this month, i would have had difficulty separating them. I like when you zoom in on this you see the whole length of the bridge. Great shot.

FrancesP, 09:39, 03-Sep-2013
Camera GT-I9100
Focal Length 4mm
Shutter Speed 1/193s
Aperture f/2.8
ISO 32
Taken 25th August 2013