Reflections of Autumn

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well done boardplayer

Zanda, 18:54, 03-Dec-2013

My fave of the month although I did mark it down a bit as I thought it was too dark. Intriguing shot.

Benoni, 19:52, 03-Dec-2013

it was the dark that intrigued me! the wee island was picked out by the late afternoon sun!!

boardplayer, 23:53, 03-Dec-2013

Thank you Zanda!

boardplayer, 23:54, 03-Dec-2013

well done on first place boardplayer, hopefully I shall be back for the next round

Thomas, 22:15, 07-Dec-2013

Yip, well deserved winner

FrancesP, 09:33, 14-Dec-2013
Camera Canon EOS 500D
Focal Length 50mm
Shutter Speed 1/1000s
Aperture f/5.0
ISO 400
Taken 10th November 2013