Oblivious to the crowd

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I had to act quickly to get this shot and I wasn't sure I captured it until I got home and downloaded my photos. Situations like this don't often reveal themselves but the more I carry my camera in hand then the more chance there is that I will get the unexpected shot.

AllanP, 20:19, 03-Jul-2013

I love the way 'Amstersdammers' live and use their bikes. When I lived there I never went anywhere without my bike, it was part of you. I like that he has the baby and flowers and seems to be heading home whilst she is heading off somewhere. Fab! I miss Amsterdam, wonderful place!

Terra, 15:53, 04-Jul-2013

Nice street shot - you certainly captured a moment!!

Benoni, 10:17, 07-Jul-2013
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal Length 24mm
Shutter Speed 1/200s
Aperture f/6.4
ISO 100
Taken 8th June 2013