A quiet ambience

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my kind of place for tea, solitude

Thomas, 11:45, 02-Jul-2013

Like my yellow room - empty. Just the way I like it.

Gary, 00:55, 04-Jul-2013

Love this photo, I can see myself in there for hrs, good book and getting lost in thought.

FrancesP, 06:12, 04-Jul-2013

I love this one too. where is it, I would love to visit. Maybe see you there for a cuppa Frances, would be a good excuse to hook up :)

Terra, 15:40, 04-Jul-2013

From your comment on my challenge photo (Oblivious to the crowd) you wil be pleased to learn this special place is also in the city you miss. The challenge photo was taken on Dam Square and the cafe (Bagels Beans) is a short walk along Raadhuisstratt. Like many cafes we come across they can be quite busy in the main area but if you go upstairs/down stairs (down in this case) we often find wee gems like this. If you meet Frances there for a cuppa then I am sure you can show her around the city!

AllanP, 16:44, 04-Jul-2013

Well Frances, fancy a trip?

Terra, 21:45, 04-Jul-2013

Absolutely Amanda :-) show me the city x

FrancesP, 06:13, 05-Jul-2013

Am off to Islay for a week so will be in touch to discuss plans for oor trip.

Terra, 10:27, 05-Jul-2013

Really liked the light in this one. Looks like an intriguing wee place.

Benoni, 10:11, 07-Jul-2013
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Taken 9th June 2013
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