New Growth

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A massive looking Tree

Thomas, 11:46, 02-Jul-2013

Fecundity. Excellent.

AllanP, 20:11, 03-Jul-2013

Rouken Glen Park. I thought the tree looked impressive. I was taking a few photos of it when my niece walked into the frame flapping her arms. I like the result. Yes, last month's competition sprang to mind.

Gary, 01:00, 04-Jul-2013

I liked the idea that she replaced the trunk of the tree and was it's lifeline, full of new energy.

Terra, 15:47, 04-Jul-2013
Camera E-450
Focal Length 14mm
Shutter Speed 1/200s
Aperture f/3.6
ISO 100
Taken 19th June 2013